Guest Poet Anjali Rajagopalan


     The days are always long
     and the nights, much too short
     to see the swirls and strains of the rainbows,
     those fantastic creations of the soul.
     to see, to hear, to touch
     or perhaps just a whiff of the perfume that lingers
     when the heart remembers.

     Be gone, the sun and take the days with you.
     for I have no need of them.
     I am blessed by the night.
     Then, the world ceases to exist
     And I can revel in my memories
     and what-could-have-beens.
     And they are mine alone.

September, 1999

Anjali Rajagopalan's Questions:

1.Does the title fit in with the poem? Do you have any other suggestions for one?

2. What do you think is the technical merit of this poem?

3. what does the poem convey to you?

The Albany Poetry Workshop