Guest Poet Anjali Rajagopalan

Mind gypsies

i live
under a blue sky,
clouds are strangers
to me,
and if at all
raindrops fall
i'm never flooded.
instead the sky
and the sun kiss me
and the rainbow fills my life
have you seen it?

i love
thunder storms
lightning and
lots of water
i love the way
things get shaken up
things become purer
rain is beautiful
isn't it?

every once in a while,
i see a glimmer,
a piece of the universe
and all that could be,
and then suddenly,
as if it never was
it's gone.
was it ever there?

i learn
new things every day
new sights, new sounds,
new smells, new tastes,
some i love forever,
some i cannot
do my sounds
have meaning?

time is fleet of foot
gone before
it barely was.
there is substance there
i don't know what
can you tell me?

October, 1999

Anjali Rajagopalan's Questions:

1. DOes the title seem appropriate?

2. What does the poem mean to you?

The Albany Poetry Workshop