Guest Poet Miriam Richmond

Blue Oyster

Kiss me tall I cast one white pearl, jam red hot morbid angel total chaos is your offspring! Rise me rockers to the edge, your hit parade on metal ledge. Sponge me down with green jelly, simmering inside this angry belly. Design on me a pure sound that moves my stick and shakes the ground. Pick my ax high stylin' bite, smash'em,bash'em all through the night. Soak it up this dirty mess, shoot the tech he wears a dress. Catch my act a total dish, the latest tease, a deadly kiss. Celebrate me this new find, release the energy, blow your mind! Speak the blue oyster, a blood stone, chrome rose, she has no home. Drifting, wandering, watch her rise to the surface a violent tide. Thrash the image, shake the faith, where wild hearts roam a lonely place.

February, 1998

Miriam Richmond's Questions:

I've been writing poems for years because I truly enjoy it. I wasn't sure if my poems were good enough to publish. This is the first time I've ever done anything like this. So be patient with me because I'm really new to all of it, that includes the internet.
Here's my questions:
1. How acceptable is the use of slang, made-up words, etc. in poetry?
2. Should I put a great deal of importance on whether or not the reader of my poem understands it? I feel that every person interprets a poem differently and that, to me, is one of the joys of poetry.
3. What are your ideas/recommendations on the use of pictures, art with poems? What about graphic language (I hope you're not laughing too much at my naive questions)?
4. What do you think about my poem?

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