Guest Poet Delilah Riordan

Restless in a Time of Change

Wilder things know when storms are filling, 
are building and gathering over warm seas.
I wonder if that same instinct is telling me
to extinguish the candles
stop practicing a sad apache dance in chains
and discard the swirling fragrant wine
in the bottom of my glass.

In a time of change the temptation
is to surrender and march with the rank, 
after filing.  To the music of top 40, I will
crimp my hair like Nicole Kidman.
I am expected in a mad oubliette
where once lions roared, where long-ago
fireworks dazzled over the great harbour.

January, 2000

Delilah Riordan's Questions:

1.  would this be clearer if i titled it something like "Marriage Ends with the Century"?

2.  i'm wondering if the second line in each stanza is too cliched... would something else be more effective?  also, am considering "banded and clinging at the bottom of my glass" for the last line in the first stanza, to refer to marriage...would that make it stronger?

3.  the end of this piece refers to beginning to date, to trying to fall in love again. does it work?

thank you for your consideration of this effort.

The Albany Poetry Workshop