Guest Poet Rashmi Roy

Entering Myself Into ‘Passage To India’

I enthrone with inmost love,
Whitman's hymn of India,
In the poem my nights pore
Over the fusion of Europe and Asia.

I send a - wondering my face,
Prophet of life divine,
A rendezvous of soul and science,
Homeric voice!  You are mine.

O Giant voyager, restless explorer,
Through the 'Passage' I discover
Brahma and Budha with ecstasy's quaver,
Unshaken by lustful quiver.

Your lone will of voyaging
Beyond India within India;
A secret passport to eternity
For America and India

O revolutionary in poetry!
Your poem a terrible harmoniser,
I "find letters from God dropt in the street"
And oceanic sound rolling there.

My joys aflame to your song,
Tagore loved your Atlantic surge;
Your unhewn ‘Passage’ natural to tongue,
O might I carry through life's verge.

May, 1998

Rashmi Roy's Questions:

1.  What is the quality of this poem?

2.  What is the gradation of this poem?

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