Guest Poet Josh Rubin


Everything's an answer I'm tired of
Advice is cheap ,so is love
everybody has their own ideas.
She is smart,he is not
Conservative views and still smokes pot
She's an advocate for the tobacco industry
Everywhere he looks is death
She reads poetry
He confines himself to less...
Everywhere is a havok of a sort
Patterns collide in mixed sports
Everyone is looking for something
getting an edge while cursing someone.
Out by the dump
Where beauty begins
he sings a lonely tune
of chagrin.
Everything's an answer I'm tired of
Every look's a stare I'm wired from
Every cause is lost before it begins
Every battle lost,before you can win
Every spoken word's a dagger in my heart
A soul stealing vixen left it torn apart
There's no holiday...away.

October 1997

Josh Rubin's Questions:

Question: If love is not the answer,although John Lennon disagreed in one of his famous songs,then what is the answer?

Question: How do you compare and contrast two elements without making them diametrically opposed,and still have good fun in the poem?

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