Guest Poet Lee Yew Sam


Confused Emotions
May, oh may, the flower of beaut
To pluck is bad
And to pot is cruel
When you sniff be careful
For you get stung by a
Black round big bumble bee

But pluck I did
To plant in my pot
Of the deepest crevist
Where I store my feelings
For the people I feel special

First it struggle then it screams
In no prevail that I would let it go
So it whisper the song of friendship
To which I accept and still does remain so

All were well and stable
Till the whisper of its favorite song
And I did as was told
Instead I got in return
Is a freezing cold shrug
From following the song

And when it comes to saying
The favorite word of love
Like the word ‘I love you’
I get a kick for a trip
To the planet Neptune

Why oh why when I start to wonder
About this pretty flower
Which is rare to find
And so hard to get

I do regret not to listen to advises
From my friends of knowledge
About this pretty flower
And its favorite song

Sometimes I do wish
that I am just a wind
or a thing
that just drift by in the morning sun
and gone forever to a place unknown
to all people except mother earth
and holy God

October 1997

Lee Yew Sam's Questions:

Can anyone please help me rhyme my peotry, please? I had tried but it just does not work. Actually this is my first try. Thank you.

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