Guest Poet Dee Schechter


Coal black eyes, so empty and so sad
Too many dark memories and no happiness to be had
A little girl is crying, I turn my head to see
She looks at me with coal black eyes and all I see is me.
Those little hands reach out to me in hope and exasperation
Trapped in my own delusions I approach my destination.
I take a step and then another, all becomes a blur
The muffled cries of celestial voices is heard no more.
Adrift those sad and empty eyes I drown in my emotions
And in those eyes I see a world of incongruous annihilations.
In the soft realm of my delusions I take her in my arms
I fill her ears with words of comfort, she need not be alarmed.
Back in time I slip and fall in a nebulous of tears
As she waves her arms and drifts away until she disappears.
And barren hearted I am left alone to drown in my own disenchantment
To watch my misspent childhood now withered away and vacant
Appear before my eyes of dried cascaded tears
I hear a voice thatís calling me reliving all my fears.
The familiar image of a mother that I have grown to love
Has come a long way for me, upon my heart is carved
My motherís warm embrace I will cherish for eternity
As I gather my emotions and return to my familiarity.
And I stare into the mirror absorbing what I see
A little girl with coal black eyes that no longer is me
For I have changed no longer a girl but a woman non the less
I turn around and wave good-bye for the little girl I bless

October 1997

Dee Schechter's Questions:

This is one of my poems. I would be very happy if you take the time out and read it. I want you to tell me exactly what you think, is my usage of words ok, my grammar, and tell me if you enjoyed it.

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