Guest Poet Katy Schopfer

The Shower

Through the shower curtain, 
The world's a blur.
Foggy and warm, 
Wet and unclear.
Fear is my only barricade 
And curiosity my one true want.
Stepping out I am vulnerable
To being cold or exposed, 
Possibly of finding my true self.
Outside of the shower, 
I am cautiously uncertain.
Questioning my future
Living in a new world.
Lifting my head, the wet fog encompasses me, 
Smothering me with its warm arms
And carrying me back to where I belong.

March, 1999

Katy Schopfer 's Questions:

Does this poem give you the feeling of being in a shower and as a parallel for trying to move on in life?

Should this poem be added on to or made shorter?

What is your general opinion of this poem?

The Albany Poetry Workshop