Guest Poet Stefan Schumacher

Itinerary for the Next Millennium

On the outgoing tide
trees depart by barge.
I remain rooted to these hills.
I'll never travel as far
as the spruce sent to brace
nations not my own.
I sway in the wind,
am bent by snow.
I will never know those shores
where the forest went.

I drive to the docks, 
see the fish brought to shore,
that is all.  I return
to this hill and grow,
become more than I was
one moon ago.  I will
never tread those lands
beyond the glittering sea.
I will remain, throw shade,
drop seed.  I will
not travel with the trees.

January, 1999

Stefan Schumacher's Questions:

1) Is the irony effective?

2) Is the repetition of "I" phrases effective? 

3)Does the imagery move this poem forward?

Thank You,

Stefan Schumacher
Homer, Alaska

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