Guest Poet Lisa Shumate

A rosebud
A pale, pale pink
Soft velvety petals
Ready to bloom
"Thou shalt NOT!!!"
Yells Old-Man Winter
"Please, let it!"
Cries Summer
"Let it blossom
    and grow
To it's full potential"
"It is done
    but not for long"
Says Old-Man Winter
    to the pleading Summer
The rosebud blooms
    into pretty pale pink
But lives for but one day
Trapped in ice
Wilted life decayed
For it had tried
    to live
an hour more.

November 1997

Lisa Shumate's Questions:

If I were to try and get this poem along with others that I have written, do you think I have a chance?
Does it need a lot of work.

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