Guest Poet Jeff Siebert

Everyone's a Magician

People find me intersesting for about a year.
Then I never see them again.
I try not to become to attached to anyone because I know they will soon
be gone.
Sometimes someone comes along that I would like to let into my life.
Sometimes I let that person find what they are looking for.
Once I let them in I want to close the door and not let them out.
However, they always seem to find a back door and escape.

December, 1999

Jeff Siebert's Questions:

*  I prefer to use a short form in writing.  Does this poem capture enough feeling by using as little words as possible?

*  Since this poem is short I want to allow the reader to get the basic ideas and use their own thoughts to expand upon the meaning.  Does this poem allow that?

*  Is this poem too straight forward or does there seem to be more behind the words than what is wriiten?

The Albany Poetry Workshop