Guest Poet Megan Kimm Snook

Leave the Earth Behind

twelve herons dance
like those in a trance
they lift their feet
they flap their wings
they never leave the ground.
twelve herons curl and twist
round about in the mist
they seek and search
but do not find
for what it is they look.
twelve herons glide
along the shore they slide
the snow does fall 
the sleet does too
the wind about them wraps.
twelve herons long do seek
to leave the gray and bleak
but they look too much
upon the ground
and never to the sky.
a single heron does one day
look up to the sky and say
"There we shall go
and away we shall be
far, far away."
twelve herons dance
and disappears the trance
they lift their feet
they flap their wings
they leave the earth behind.

October, 2000

Megan Kimm Snook's Questions:

Is there too much repition?

I tried to use the repition of 'twelve herons' to establish rhythym and then to contrast with the different tone of the following three lines of each verse.

What do you think? Does it work?

Also, is the meaning of it only taking one person to find the way and make a difference clear?

Please tell me what you think!

Thank you!

The Albany Poetry Workshop