Guest Poet Clarence Thompson

Psalm 61

From the end of the earth
I speak, in a loud distinct voice
to be heard at the distance
I seem to be from You,
though really, my voice is no more
than a whisper 
that I know You hear.

For my heart is faint, my strength
is gone, my perspective is wrong.
I am a slowly falling leaf in the 
summer sun -  lifeless and dry, 
though it holds the eyes of those
who follow its flight.
Lead me to the rock You are,
which is higher than I.

November, 1998

Clarence Thompson's Questions:

1. Is the metaphor about the "slowly falling leaf" clear, or does it detract from the clarity of the poem?

2. Is the poem compact enough?  Is there enough meaning and emotional weight packed into it, or should I trim some words?


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