Guest Poet Diana Todd

Crowning Glory

The golden haze
of a summers crown
burns across the sky.
The horizon merges
like pastels on paper
as the day begins to die.

The hues of the palette
lose depth of colour
as the day turns out its light.
The moon glistens, jewel-like
as life takes on
the intensity of the night.

Stillness is punctuated
with the shriek of the dark.
The witching hour passes
when, suddenly,
a chorus reaches out
and the daylight engulfs the sky.

May, 1998

Diana Todd's Questions:

I wonder if the final stanza of this poem loses something from the first two, does it seem almost detached from the first two? The first two stanza's mention colour, should that have been taken down to the final stanza?

I never feel like it is complete for some reason, can anyone help me understand why, perhaps?

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Silently Suspended (for T.)

The other half of myself
is suspended within me.
He is silent, while I weep,
omnipresent but forever lost.
When he went
he took half of me.
now our souls wander, looking,
never finding what is sought.

Cries in to the darkness
only heard by him.
He is there but not there,
forever there but eternally lost.
I can sense him within me
and yearn to touch him.

He is part of my life,
never forgotten.
He is me and I am him,
always inter-linked.
Ever part of the same whole,
together, forever
and silently suspended.

May, 1998

Diana Todd's Questions:

Does this piece convey what is is meant to be about?

Is the title the right one do you think?

Does it ramble at all?

Is the ending adequate?

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