Guest Poet Divesh Wadhawan


A mother's love can often be grueling,

Her heartstrings are continually pulling

Her back to the womb that delivered

Her child unto the world as she shivered

And shrieked and wrestled and bit

Her lip, desperate just to end it 

When the purple baby emitted a scream

The nightmare transformed into a dream,

Pink baby girl or yellow baby boy

A gushing couple's gurgling pride and joy.

Such a large void that needed filling

When both parents were able, and willing


Not so long ago, not so very recent,

Another one now seems almost indecent

Since the same minds have become so misaligned,

Is it the right thing at the wrong time?

Even though it's already on its way

Is it fair to show it the light of day?

March, 1998

Divesh Wadhawan's Questions:

Being directly related to a time in my life (not a very good one), this poem is my attempt to narrate it - with minimum emotion and  in a detached fashion.

However, the general response to "Pro-Choice," more often than not, goes something like "This is not a poem, is it?"

My question is "What areas or topics are considered poetic and why (or why not)? "Also,what general rule can be followed to determine the same?

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