Guest Poet Sean Woodward

Mouth of the Dragon

Shanghai, Hong Kong,
Midland Bank rebranding.
Iím standing in the High Street
Of Glastonbury,
Music bubbling
All around me,
Following the path
Of some secret black hat
Feng Shui whispers.
A daughter pulls down
The gaudy free show
Of Tiger Balm Gardens,
Exposes the rock
To a developer's pa kua.
The seven hellkeepers laugh
All compasses pointing south
All eyes on the mouth
Of the dragon.
Lhasa, Serbia,
And the shadows of silent indifference
Running rampant
With impliments of torture.
Who is to fill
This frame of reference
With compassion
Who is to take the fire
From the mouth, of the dragon?

June, 1999

The Albany Poetry Workshop