Guest Poet Ashley Zdunek

Monsters Under the Bed

"There are no monsters under the bed," Mrs. White said to her son
"There are monsters under the bed!" Jonny protested
As Mrs. White convinced her little Jonny that there were no monsters
She realized that her 6 year old son was right, there are monsters under the
This whole world is under God's bed, This whole world has "monsters" in it
Just watch the news you'll see them all, all those monsters under the bed
Just walk outside, you have to watch out for all those monsters under the bed
All those monsters under the bed, they are everywhere
They are your next-door neighbors, your childhood friend, that man on the city
When will the day come, the day that God cleans under his bed?
When will all the monsters under the bed be swept away, and never return?
But until that day, we all must live in fear of the monsters under the bed
We know there are no monsters under our beds, but we know that under God's
there are
There are monsters, too many monsters, so many we can't help but ask
God, please clean out under your bed....

February, 1998

Ashley Zdunek's Questions:

I am a new be easy on me!!! That is the first poem I have ever written for someone besides a teacher to look at......
1. What can I do to make my poetry have more rhythm, judging on this piece?
2. I know there is something missing, what is it?
3. How can I keep it interesting, it seems to drag on to me?

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