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A visit to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art


SFMOMA Inspires Poets

On the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art's Connect web page, you will find the SFMOMA Photostream. These images change periodically; the SFMOMA posts showcase photos of the museum, its visitors, and views of the San Francisco art scene.

Write a poem based on your viewing of ten photographs posted on SFMOMA's Connect webpage. Here's how:

Visit the SFMOMA web page here --

Connect with SFMOMA

There are many photographs taken in and around the exhibits, and of the Museum itself.

Polka Dot Tree

These photographs are images posted on Flickr.

Click on the first photo and look at the image.

What do you see? What is your reaction?

Which of your five senses does the image stimulate? Do you have some emotional response to the first photo?

On your screen in a second window, open a plain text file, and reduce the text file window so that you may view the SFMOMA photos alongside your text file.

Write two lines in response to the first image you see.

Now click the back button on your browser, and click to the next photograph on the right. Or skip around and find a photo that interests you.

Switch back to your text file, and write your second two lines in response to the second photograph you see.

Continue in this manner until you have viewed and written on ten of the images on the SFMOMA Connect website.

Save and edit your text file.

Insert lines, dump some, follow your MUSE!

You can do this poetry writing exercise anytime, as the SFMOMA's photos are constantly changing.

Please take a virtual tour of the SFMOMA, write a poem of 30 lines or fewer, and submit it for consideration on the APW Forum/Guests' Pages. Email subject line: SFMOMA Poem.


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