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Every month the poetry of one contributor is presented as our featured guest. This month's featured guest is Diane Kirsten Martin.

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Special discussion forum on Poetry and Terror. Posted after 11 September 2001.

Special feature. Contributors' poems on the topic of Poetry and Terror.

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Monthly APW Guest Poets

Many of these poems first appeared for critique in the APW Forums. They are posted here so that you may continue the discussion.

Readers: Please review these guests' pages and send them your comments. As spam prevention is our main concern, APW does not provide a direct link to your email address. So that other poets may contact you, your email address appears in the following form:

Yourname (at) nameserver (dot) com
Therefore, APW's email address would appear as:
submitapw (at) gmail (dot) com

In this manner, a real person may contact you. Should you wish to contact authors indirectly through Social Media, APW will publish Twitter and Facebook names, when provided with poetry submissions. Poems appearing prior to October 2002 were published prior to the advent of Social Media.

Poets: The best way to receive comments on your work is to contact the poets appearing on these pages, through the means described above, and email them your comments and suggestions.

Send and ye shall receive.

Should you wish to submit poetry for consideration on this and the APW Forums Pages, please follow these Submissions Guidelines.

Poems are posted on or about the 20th of the month.

20 October 2002

Chris Tusa

John Dalton

Carol Burkhart

Jason Smith

Dana Pertermann

26 September 2002

Ben Copito

Sara Trevisan

Remus Dan

Clarence Thompson

Morgaine le Fey

Sara Craft

Caroline Seagle

Jonathan Mitchell

James Gramann

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16 August 2002

Pradeep Mane

Chester Rocksford

Diane Manning

Hugh Kingston

Colin Bennett

27 July 2002

Maureen Immer

John Thelapuram

Mary Alice Long

Hugh Kingston

Robert Gambogi

27 June 2002

Durlabh Singh

Ann DeVenezia

Pam Gebhard

Varda Epstein

David Soriano

Liz Leidel

Caroline Seagle

Sara Trevisan

Shaula Evans

27 May 2002

Rita Pal

Ann DeVenezia

Jessie Day

Ben Copito

Ashley Cook

David Cowen

21 April 2002
National Poetry Month

Pam Gebhard

Margie Sue Hess

Ann DeVenezia

Durlabh Singh

Chris Tusa

Margaret Drew

Richard Periut

Maureen Alsop

Jeffrey Fowler

Barb Powers

23 February 2002

Jennifer Tung

Jerome Taub

John Malone

Catherine Miller

Corrine Anderson

Tamara Stratford

21 January 2002

Michael Ledbetter

Mike Simpson

Wanda Kay

20 December 2001
Happy Holidays

Jennifer Wortman

Darren Anderson

Syyd Raven

Leslie Bianchi

Agnieszka Jakubczak

Michael Ledbetter

Mike Simpson

20 November 2001

Dolan Gish

Ashton Porter

Kiwon Oh

Miguel Sanchez

Aaron Giesbrecht

29 October 2001

Robin Schuetz

Susan Allen

Wanda Kay

Eli Burton

Michelle Lerner

Carol Helpard-Bleichert

26 September 2001

Monique Buchberger

Chris Horwood

Nancy Bowe

Willa McDowell

Larissa Wirstiuk

Michael Andrews

Mary Amellin

Lizzie Madder

20 August 2001

Monique Buchberger

Bonnie Lee Widerman

Caroline Elsberry

John Plessinger

Rima Jaitly

Sirius Minor

20 July 2001

Nancy Hill

Eugenio Rodríguez

Linda Boerstler

Louise Bell

Geoff Leone

Audrey Eloranta

Lara E. Wilber

Richard Charles

Severiano Martinez

Simon Scott

Richard Carlton

Meredith Reeves

21 June 2001

David Smith

Jeff Vanderwerf

Mary Lockwood

Victoria D'Ottavio

Valerie Thomas

Jim Gramann

22 May 2001

Inaya Nasser

Bill Remmus

Jason Visconti

Wayman Wisner

Dara Lakes

Katherine Babbitt

J. Carter Crumpton

Marcy Winograd

22 April 2001

C. Lawry Brown

Michael Orenda

Bernie Malach

Eden Wadsworth

Michael Feer

Tom Jett

22 March 2001

Katherine Babbitt

Meg Schultz

B.W. Davis

Sidney Carthell, Jr.

Arjun Purkayastha & Kristi Tate-Robbins (collaboration)

LeAnn Suggs

Gyl Elliott

18 February 2001

Gatetna Cannavo

Peter Danzig

B.W. Davis

Pathma Venasithamby

21 January 2001

C. Matthew Tusa

Jean Moore

Caroline Seagle

Chris Wilkinson

R.C. Grogg

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