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Guest Poet Simon Scott

The Kingdom

The kingdom of heaven is bare now,
The grapes have been picked and sold,
The old order is out.

Elections have become democratic to keep up with the times,
‘The Father, Son and Holy Spirit Coalition’ lost the balance of power.
There’s a new kid in town!

The golden gate was the first thing to go.
They mumbled something about “unsustainable assets”,
and “keeping up with the times”.

Did you hear what happened to the forbidden fruit?
They’re sending it by the box load to Japan now,
to be turned into ice shakes or sold for souls in supermarkets.

John Adams had just the right suit for the new era -
"Free health insurance, eternal life included for the non-smoker ...
"Tax breaks for the unemployed, the TV said
and I believed it, well who didn't ...
A man for the times!

The future was written in the lines of our hands.
I saw tomorrow, today,
Somewhere between a patch of dark hair and a sunspot.

They built a firewall around the holy scriptures,
Access only for those with modems speeds above 56.
“Digital salvation” ¬ dial this number; credit card accessible
A life style choice for the
spiritually viable.

Infinity. The uncalculatable, existential way to get really high!
A free astrologer with every purchase over $100.
Fly with your eyes closed to the great hunting ground
in the sky.

Then the day of judgement and the all encompassing question ¬
How big is big
and what is written on the other side of the modem?

Me, I’m just an old cowboy
out of desert.

July, 2001

Simon Scott's Questions:

I am concerned that this poem is really just a collection of sound bites and fragments and lacks structure and continuity across the stanzas.

Do you think this is the case and is it a problem?

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