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Guest Poet Meredith Reeves

Reality of a Night

Indentations of harmless schooling
consumes the incest of emotion and sanity.

Heavens prevail into seeds
held within fingertips,
waiting to be planted.

The whisper of a nightfall
reveals timeless secrets
of imperfections
and raw tears.

He spoke a lie of unwrong,
the mirror image of power
overtaking my life in a single moment.

My powerlessness bleeds onto his hands,
and judgement of Sodom
will reign into the next infinity.

I take back those tears,
those nightmares,
those painful nights of my kingdom
crashing before the glazed eyes
I call fine.

You see,
I unveiled what he was blind to.
My weak strength,
My anger,
My pride.

I now own my kingdom,
with the smile of God
buried into the soil
beneath the tulips of reality.

Growth of a new being,
the heart of a child,
has now begun against human weakness.

July, 2001

Meredith Reeves's Questions:

1. How can I change the structure of the poem in order to add effective nature?

2. Is there anything that is completely confusing or out of context?

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