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Guest Poet Pathma Venasithamby

Wherefore art thou?

His barren room, grey with gloom.
Overflowing with emptiness.
Seeking feverishly.
What loss, and where ....

Sifting through life's collections
hidden memories come wafting up.
They well up, but denied, fall dead,
face down, vaporized in a cold vacuum.

In the deafening silence,
the cold takes his core,
and his mind whispers

Alone, we ventured hopeful, our brave ship,
to battle, across a ruthless ocean.
We crossed blades, we wept with life.

Oh dear heart, my precious heart.
My breath comes hoarse without you.
My life is trapped, in its shadows lost.

You rocked us giddy with hope.
We soared to heavenly heights.
Then we fell, crushed on hard rocks.

We found you guilty, we banished you.
Your cries were too painful, we had to poison you.
And now oh precious heart, you lay numb to me.

Eyes vacant, haunted by despair.
Too numb to feel, too lost to tell.
Vague and distant, you flow away from me ...

February, 2001

Pathma Venasithamby's Questions:

1. I am trying to show the intimate couple of mind and
heart, together once, but fatally seperate now.
The mind struggling to reflect upon on the loss.
Does it work?
Does it communicate hopelessness and sadness?

2. What is missing here?


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