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Guest Poet Sarah Craft

Echoes of Wisdom

Ten or more ladies went waltzing around;
with light-hearted laughter;
-a musical sound!
Wearing flow'rs on their dresses;
and wreaths in their hair;
casting burdens aside;
never feeling despair.

And the heard the sage voices;
from days long ago;
in the echoes of wisdom;
like whispers of gold.

Ten or more ladies went waltzing around;
such merry, young spirits;
-oh, look what they found!

September, 2002

Sarah Craft's questions:

It is probably obvious that I have absolutely no formal training in poetry writing... am I doing anything right?

What can I do to improve my technique?

Is this poem too vague or does it make any sense? I mean, I know what I was feeling when I wrote it, but does it evoke any kind of emotional response in the reader?

Is the alliteration o.k.? There's quite a few "w"'s and "l"'s... I wrote this poem when I noticed that most of what I write does not narrarate a story.

This was a beginner's attempt to try and write a poem with narrative quality.

Is the last stanza o.k.? It's shorter and repetive of the beginning? I don't know if I like it or not.

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