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Guest Poets Arjun Purkayastha
& Kristi Tate-Robbins

Departing Memories

The day, so fast departing,
I falter when my gaze catches the evening light
The light that swirls in a sparkling stream of dust.
Catatonic as if struck by lightning or a random thought
The thought that wanders deep inside
The thought that cannot reside
I find as evening comes, my wondering emanates gold
My heart seeks freedom as the sunset streams dying light
And as the light disappears
Around the bend
My heart, racing as the tears refuse their slumber
The deafness of the void awakens my soul,
And the salt begins to flow.

March, 2001

Arjun Purkayastha & Kristi Tate-Robbins's Questions:

1. Since this is our first collaborative poem we would like to know if the poem flows properly from beginning to end.

2. Is if evident that it is a collaborative effort?

3. Any suggestions for alternate titles?

4. Any other comments on the poem or the style?

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