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Guest Poet David Soriano

Disjointed Environmentalist

Kicking through the woods
With knee- high boots and no physical imagery
What I need is for the band of oaks
To give me written approval.

I'm living on disjointed thoughts and segmented paranoia
Still selling Korean merchandise
To pay for my fun junkets into the thicket of interpersonal perspectives

I learned that vinyl is not biodegradable- you get my synthetic drift?

They can shove
The funny little safety slogans
As I make my way through a solitary slew of images
And fight off the stream of mental bullets as I nurture the

I have learned to accept nature
And the social implications of ecosystems
I learned to do it while juggling mental acrobatics
And tomorrow is the last day of school.

June, 2002

David Soriano's questions:

Is there a more or less level of disjointed thought process with this poem?

Do you feel empathy for an environmentalist in our consumer- driven society?

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