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Guest Poet Rita Pal

Memory Tombstone

Dark, black blindness
So I may view nothing
Of the rose on the sill
Episodic shots of streetlight
Make features of a face
Senses dampened madness
In mirages of blackness
Eclipsed on greyed matter
Collected in crazed shadows
Thoughts are my secrets
Tears are mine alone
Church bells in distant song
Call to my memory tombstone
In eviled devilled undertones
That whisper as I sleep
Which tombstone turns?
In the peril of my hearts call
To speak to haunt
To mock my weakness
Tomorrow I fear
The haunting of my
Memory tombstone

May, 2002

Rita Pal's questions:

I tried to obtain a dark effect for this poem. Its about the haunting of a person by past memories much like apparitions after death. Is this conveyed to the reader?

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