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Guest Poet Jeff Vanderwerf

Lunar Language

Last night she asked him,

"What would you do if I died tomorrow?"

"I will procure an economically sound, swift service during which one or two of
your favorite songs will be played. I will then have you laid to rest in an oak-like
casket adorned with silver-colored decorations and faux-satin lining, then have you
lowered to whatever standard depth the cemetery just north of here off County Road Six uses.
Iím unsure as to whether having an open-casket ceremony will be necessary or
appropriate now that I think about it; especially considering the grizzly circumstances
of your passing," he replied.

"Good night," she said.

And soundly they slept, comforted by one anotherís body warmth and

the depth of their adoration. Outside, the green-cheese moon shown over the

hemisphere and gave off ample illumination to those pacing the streets

or making love in their beds.

For that is what the moon can do.

June, 2001

Jeff Vanderwerf's Questions:

Does this read as a simple love poem? Or is it more disturbing than that?

Any suggestions on the length?

Any input on the content would be appreciated as well.

Thank you.

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