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Guest Poet Bernie Malach

Global Guys 106 Farewell

The Beautiful Old Bird sat silently in the repair station... waiting for
the snow clouds to clear for her ferry flight to warmer climes;

Mark, the MRO cowboy specializing in the aging breed of L-1011 Birds,
commandeered the nurturing crew of Global Guys... in final readiness checks
to release the 106 Bird into the Western Skies;

A nurturing crew of ground pounders who put their mechanic's human hearts
into the massive airframe of metal molded into the sleek design of the 106

Deep feelings of pride rushed through the crew... of Global Guys... as the
turbine engines began to whine and spew blue smoke skyward;

Sir Rodney, at the 106 helm, known throughout the sky as the First Flyer of
the magnificent breed of birds called L-1011's;

Sir Rodney sensed the fond feelings of farewell waved on by the nurturing
crew of Global Guys gathered at the runway side;

Sir Rodney's masterful takeoff showed off his respect as he held the big 106
Bird down, nose up, in erect salute of a final farewell;

To the nurturing crew of Global Guys gathered there;

In final farewell to the 106.

April, 2001

Bernie Malach's Questions:

1. Is it clear that this is an actual experience?

2. Is it clear that this involves an industrial activity in the form of an aircraft repair station??

3. Does the poem convey the sentiment that heavy industry mechanic workers are humans with strong feelings about their work?

4. Doest the poem paint a picture of the plane leaving the hangar and taking off?

5. Does the use of "Bird" the industry slang for plane...not make early sense?

Is it clear that this is an effort to use a sensitive art form to describe the human spirit in an industrial scene?

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