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Guest Poet Durlabh Singh

To Accept

To accept oneself
Worth accepting
Inspite the contortions
Of the unruly wind.

The sea strides
Hidden treasures
Where in depth
Marine reptiles
Reef fishes.
In that world
Of cold darkness
An eerie abyss
Some shimmering
Of wandering whispers.

That is the way of the sea.

Turning the boat sunwise
To ensure safety for fisher folks
To know the stars by motions
And the wind from rock to rock.

Solar winds carrying
Molecular storms
Disturbing the space
In intergalactic forms.

From the fiery mass
An illuminations
With the planets
A flirtation
Colouring the earth
Golden yellow.

That is the way of the sun.

To seek again
Renewal of courage
Standing alone
Without a merge.

That is the way of poesy.

June, 2002

Durlabh Singh's questions:

1. We are always trapped in contemporary times, should we explore the past and future through verse?

2. Should poetry deal with facts of the subject's life or only with our impressions?

3. Any general comments on the verse?

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