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Guest Poet Jerome Taub

Under The Wire

I often find myself getting in just under the wire.
But does the wire remain at the same height
or is it like a limbo game where they're
constantly lowering it?
What about the wire around the earth?
We call it the Equator,
but it's really a wire, separating
the Northern and Southern hemispheres.
And the sun tries to get in under the wire each day.
Sometimes it makes it and there's beautiful sunshine.
And sometimes it's a bit late-not getting in on time
so there dawns a dreary day.

And do you suppose the moon worries about
getting in under the wire?
Probably not - because the Man looks too unconcerned.
Perhaps he wants to get in above the wire
rather than under it.
Riding high in the sky
he never brings himself down to go under anything.

February, 2002

Jerome Taub's questions:

1. How can this poem be improved?

2. Is it too "cute"?

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