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Guest Poet Dana L. Pertermann


“Stone them that offend Me,
Until they are dead!”
So says War

And so the stones fly
Striking another soul
Infecting, festering
At the injustice

A father shows his son the scars
And whispers in his ear “Avenge me!”
To the 7th generation
The stone will be remembered

The messenger is always punished
And his message is often undelivered

That which binds us together
Is not something made of flesh
But a electric connection
Forged by the gods long ago

No one can hear
Over the screaming of the sky
And Peace goes on strike
Sickened by the stones

October, 2002

Dana L Pertermann's questions:

1.) What is more important in a poem: cohesiveness or meter? Readability or emotional output?

2.) Is it important for a poem to invoke emotion?

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