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Guest Poet Katherine Babbitt

Favorite Chair

German Shepherd in my chair,
Could you please move; I want to be there.

I think this started when you were a pup;
You look so comfortable all curled up.

It won't take much for you to get down;
Are you snoring; what is that sound?

No need to think that I can share;
You've decided it's your favorite chair.

Hold on; what did you say,
"Could I come back another day?"

March, 2001

Katherine Babbitt 's Questions:


I have not written any poetry in many years. Recently I got involved in a German Shepherd Club and the local Humane Society. They have asked me to write some poems for the monthly newsletter.

I would like to be involved, but I know I am really rusty!

I worry about the grammar and the word flow. What do you think?

I know I need to build my confidence and skills.

I really would like to start writing again.

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