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Guest Poet Elizabeth Wilber


As she cried saltless tears on the shore,
the albino dolphin child
pushed itself from the waves,
with skin like porcelain,
eyes swimming iridescence like oil.

She wished it had been born into her hands,
glazed with the sea.

As she turned it over in the sand,
memories washed up like beach glass.
The albino dolphin child's pink soft belly,
reminded her of sunsets,
before they had glared like spilled blood.

"Where is your mother?" she thought.

"Where is your daughter?"
the albino dolphin child thought,
as the moon lowered itself into the ocean.

July, 2001

Lara Elizabeth Wilber's Questions:

1) Is it clear that "she" has lost a child? Too clear?

2) Is the eyes/oil metaphor out of place?

3) The title is VERY temporary. Suggestions welcome.


black hair frames her face
in sticky locks of kitten
i want to claw at her stripey skin
green darts of glassy glares
at boys who prowl behind her grace
i want to curl her away from the greedy pickers
purring lips hide her nippy teeth
she licks away the milky night,
i want to nuzzle her flower frenzied love.

July, 2001

Lara Elizabeth Wilber's Questions:

1) Is the wordplay too much?

2) Also, should I choose one metaphorical path floral OR feline?

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