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Guest Poet Diane Manning


Stones weep,at the mere mention of my name
pick them up and listen to them crying,for they truly
do understand whats hard,the hardness my sweet heart
does face, walking up and down this vast holy land.
stones weep,like full grown willow trees come summer
where birds sing in spacious,gracious melodies,odes
to my soul,
stones see,
and feel me going forward, slowly,but steady my feet
move,moving in and out sweetly slow dancing,
on clouds you simply cannot see,
we angels,
do carry strength and mercy on bare shoulders,
stones weep,at the mere mention of my name.

August, 2002

Diane Manning's questions:

Stones was written to touch the spirit of man's inhumanity to man,can you feel the point?

We are all so judgemental of each other,tell me how the poem touch's you?

How closley can you relate to stones?

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