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Guest Poet Rima Jaitly

He Sat

I always found him sitting there,
his love in his eyes , his heart on his sleeve.
With his sweet little smile
he looked at the world.

He fed the birds, he patted the strays,
he gave a lot but received none.
Sill he sat, looking at the world
with more innocence than a newborn.

His clothes were shabby, his face grimy,
his hair ruffled by the gentle fingers of the wind.
His shoes were scuffed & worn,
still his eyes twinkled with an innate mischief.

He talked to many, but none talked back.
he looked at many but none spared a glance.
He reached to many, his hands spurned,
but still he sat, looking at the world.

As i passed by today, he reached again,
feeling my pockets I gave him some coins.
Puffed up my chest, till I saw his sightless eyes,
looking at the world, I felt ashamed.

August, 2001

Rima Jaitly's questions:

Does this free verse still flow like a rhyming poem??

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