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Guest Poet Morgaine le Fey


In The Mulies, the sky was small
and full of land sloping
into draws and gullies.

And there were big, pregnant mares,
bare-hoofed and rearing,
fattened off the range.
I felt redundant as I lay
lacquered with blood.

The man returned late in the afternoon,
stood firm
into intolerant wind,
filled the sky

I watched, helpless
as he let the woman take my horse.
I am relieved of even this.

Will I wither into the crow’s peck
and settle my dust;
become boneless,
of the world’s structure

The sky swallows a far cry.
The land is flat and full
of bleached bones.

September, 2002

Morgaine le Fey's questions:

My biggest problem here is the 5th S: letting go of the burden of life. It might be a bit too editorial?

I'm also not sure the concept of detail flattening out into expanse comes across as an effect of dying.

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