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Guest Poet Ashton Porter

A Dove Named Deliverance

I am a bird, trapped in a cage.
The lengthy, black cylinders encircle my world.
Not an exit can be found.
I, the bird, beat at my barriers,
But only batter my soul.

In doing so, I attract attention from the other birds,
Big, beautiful fowls with billowing breasts.
They surround my darkness,
Screeching at my unusualness.
Their sound only drives me farther,
Into my state of misery.

Some day, I will escape my life of captivity.
The bars will open,
And I

The other birds will be envious of my
Beautiful breast,
And will look down...
Upon their own appearance.

When they do their evil;
Their worldly acts of judgment and vulgarity,
I will do good.
I will feed the starving,
Free the caged.
I will work for the wise,
And do as they call upon me.

They have called upon me,
As I fly through this dark and dreary night.
For I am the carrier of a small
Olive branch.

November, 2001

Ashton Porter's questions:

1. How can I better format this poem in order to give it better flow? I am not sure I am doing it right.

2. Are there any general things that you think could be improved?

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