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Guest Poet Dara Lakes


The aerodymanic way
My mind flies
When stung by obsession
Days when my
Thoughts circled around you
Your yellows and your blues
Emotions bashing against
A glass wall
Old friend, my thoughts
To you

Reading through your mind
I hold a map in my hands
And all the treasure there
That you hide
Opening up to a Summer's day
With you hand by hand
Old friend, it is your
Hand I wish to hold

Your heart amber glows to me
A lip smile my way
Oh chance that I be your fool
My heart in a square box
Ready to spring in surprise
Words spilling out onto
The folds of my body
Old friend, they spill
Out onto you

May, 2001

Dara Lakes's Questions:

I would like to know whether the use of repetition in this poem is effective or not. I tried here to imitate the repetitive nature of obsession.

I also wondered if I should rearrange the order of the verses to have verse 3 as 2 and visa versa.

I would love to hear some feedback on this poem.

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