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Guest Poet G. D. Carthell, Jr.

A Memory Forgotten (excerpt)

After her death, a strange event occurred;
It is said that a large swarm of ravens
Nested in the trees hanging over the lake,
And that every summer they have returned;
It was told to me once by an old widow,
That she'd seen them flying over the lake-
Flying circles around a patch of moss,
As if in mourning over someone lost;
She tells that they can see her spirit here.

March, 2001

Editor's note: this excerpt is from a much longer poem submitted by Mr. Carthell. Please contact him directly if you wish to see the poem in its entirety.

Sidney G. D. Carthell Jr.'s Questions:
1)I wanted to write this in blank verse but I'm not real familiar with the style. I think I have the 10 syllable thing down but I need to work on the stressed/unstressed thing...I think. How close am I?

2)Was this peice discriptive enough/use enough imagery. If not how could I improve on it?

3)What was one thing that made this peice good or bad.

4)Any suggestions?

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