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Guest Poet Wanda Kay

Blasphe Me

If we're breathing God,
what's the deal with
"congregatio de propaganda fide"?
And, if I have to choose
between Lilith and Eve,
I think I'll remain, clueless.

Gehenna doesn't scare me, and
Paradise would bore me; and
the whole goddess-trip, too vain.
I'm sick of swimming
to the bottom to feed,
then, up to the top for air.

If I count my blessings,
it only seems fair,
to count the times I've been cursed.
Penance is involuntary--no rosary for me;
coffee in the morning and linen-sheets at night,
are ritual enough.

October, 2001

Wanda Kay's questions:

Does this sound sneering? (I didn't want to come across that way.)

"Paradise would bore me"--Is there a better way to say that 'paradise' somehow seems unrealistically 'one-sided' ?

Do the last two lines convey the feeling that things are blase enough, without adding more to the 'humdrum'?


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