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Guest Poet Katherine A. Babbitt

Walking The Dog

Woke up this morning; cobweb's in my head
Made a commitment to get out of bed

Dog's sound asleep on her back, spread eagle
Couldn't care less; doesn't look to eager

Put the dog out; run upstairs to get dressed
Look in the mirror, notice hair's such a mess

Spray face with water; brush teeth real quick
Throw on clothes; which shoes do
I pick

Grab the leash; get the dog
Gosh, my head's in a fog

Out the front door; better start slow
Dog's pulling on the leash, she wants to go

Cool fresh air hits me in the face
Think I'll pick up this pace

Dog's happy her tail's in the air
We're feeling good; not a thought or a care

Tried to walk two miles this day
I'm really pooped; dog's ready to play

Woke up this morning; cobweb's in my head
Bright-eyed dog wants me to get out of bed

May, 2001

Katherine A Babbitt's Questions:

Does this have a real flow to it or is it interrupted in the middle of the poem?

Does it make a person smile?

Is it long enough?

Would appreciate any thoughts.

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