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Guest Poet Kiwon Oh

Mind of Nature

A boat is floating
at the horizon on the sea,
In the stormy wind
and a pouring rain.

A boat is floating
in the stormy wind and,
A pouring rain
on the sea at the horizon.

A sail is useless in the
stormy wind and
A compass keeps spinning and spinning
in a pouring rain and darkness.
A loneliness leaves lost its direction
in a giant wave maze.

A boat is floating
at the horizon on the sea,
In genial wind
and warm sunlight.

A sail is performing its jo
in the genial wind and,
A compass knows which direction
is west and which is east.
A lonely match is floating on the water
soundlessly with a straight tail at its behind.

You must know when it is time to do
a boating excursion and
You must read my mind to
know that time.

November, 2001

Kiwon Oh's questions:

1. How do the repetitions affect the rhythms of the poem? Are there too many repetitive phrases?

2. Does the ending presume too much?

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