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Guest Poet Monique Buchberger


I sit here on an old chocolate-brown wicker rocker.
Birds, perched on telephone wires, like music notes
on a blue page of sky, sing out their compositions.
I ask myself, where do butterflies go to die?

Yellow, shiny buttercups polka-dot the grass.
A dragon fly strikes a pose on the edge of the pond.
A purple fluttering catches my eye--
Wings lightly closing, alighting on a petal,
sipping nectar--
The delicate flash of color, like a feather, is
carried on a breath of air, and continues its journey.
Where do butterflied go to die?

August, 2001

Monique Buchberger's Questions:

1. Do the questions work?

2. Is the imagery rich enough?

3. What can I improve?

4. What message does the reader get from this poem?

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