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Guest Poet Mike Simpson

Salar Desert

Did I escape the world a while,
Slip out as others dozed?
Lying down alone
In a land that never changed.
No less indolent, I,
Than rocks which stood around
In sand and pebbles.
Stretched out, we two,
Past trees of stone,
To distant pink horizons.

Only the grains in the wind
To feel.
To see,
Only the sand.

And nothing,
Nothing to hear
But a gentle whisper -
The voices of expectation
And the people calling me back.

January, 2002

Mike Simpson's questions:

1. Does the poem reflect the utter tranquility of the situation? I intend for the lines to lilt gently into each other. Have I achieved this?

2. Is it clear to who -we two- refers? What ideas do you have on this. I would like to know if I have achieved my intention.

Other any comments gratefully received.

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