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Guest Poet Chris Horwood


I am here without parameter
where thought and wedge-tail
elevate high on thermals and
discipate into atmosphere

where cold is a colour of
glass strand fractures under
foot and concern inconsequential

perception of time as meaningless
as the yardsticks by which the
arrogance of limited existence gauge it

and yet

the aeons of sequential perfection
which culminate in this moment
are not lost, for

I am here

September, 2001

Chris Horwood 's questions:

I live at the foothills of the Blue Mountains 75kms west of Sydney Australia. I've never worked up the courage to post a poem on a website before but offer the above for your consideration. It's a poem about a special place to where I escape when I need to regain perspective. I think it captures the feel of that place reasonably well, but don't know if it's written well enough to enable others to "feel into" the situation the way I do. Can you please offer some feedback.

Best regards

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