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Guest Poet Richard Periut, M.D.

To Existence

Oh Existence, thank you for existence,
You are infinite, eternal and substance.

Stare away at our ignorance,
As we should stare away at the ignorance around us.

Let me emulate the majestic educator that you are,
And doing so, be inundated with your infinite wisdom.

As arid soil thirsts for rain, as bees desire wild flowers,
Permit my passion for your creativity to be such.

Make it a delight in me, to see your most infinitesimal creation,
the nucleus of your holiness.

For in the end, which is the beginning,
We are one with you, and always shall be.

For in the end, every particle that was, is, and always shall be,
Every epoch in time, and every point in space,
Is Existence.


April, 2002

Richard Periut's questions:

This poem is a sort of modified prayer. What does it remind you of?

Is the poem too abstract, or does it convey its meaning clearly?

Are some of the words in the poem too redundant?

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