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Guest Poet Sara Trevisan


You told me
To let you be.
Did you really
Say so?
I thought I'd heard
Words of love
Hiding beneath
Your serious smile.
The coldness
You'd been wearing
Was so fake,
You'd blushed
As soon as I came in.
No -- you said --
I have my status,
My position --
You cause me
Just because
You fear your heart.

June, 2002

Sara Trevisan's questions:

1) is it too simple? too naive? That is what I felt, though.

2) Is poetry without any lexical density, with just common terms too childish?

3) can't ideas be expressed fully by just using simple words?

Editor's Note: We receive many, many poems in this vein: the dissing of a lover by another and the resulting agony and self-loathing. We post this one for your consideration because it goes beyond tortured self-absorption, and raises issues of status and class. Furthermore, the author's questions accompanying this poem raise some questions applicable to all poetry. Sara, we hope the lover stubs his toe.

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