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Guest Poet Jeffrey Fowler

Common Hue

The end result of all this mess of course,
being with envy green and darker hues,
I find myself amongst a crowded path
and clamor now to finally pay some dues.
But laying down my unbound hands I find
they're seemingly unwilling now to move.

No matter, still I'll go ahead and plan
a kingly fare for when I come and claim
whatever lot I end with, not to bring
a less than common color to my name.
And hope the spot at which I end and lay,
as origin its color not the same.

April, 2002

Jeffrey Fowler's questions:

Well, what I would really like to know about this poem is whether or not the subject is clear. I know what it is talking about, obviously, but I fear my poetic immaturity obfuscates the ideas I've tried to present. Also, please let me know if there are any grammatical or structural errors. I deviated from standard syntax in a few spots for effect or integrity of the scheme- and I don't know how much of that is allowed. I don't have anyone to read my work, so this is very helpful. Thanks!

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