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Guest Poet David B. Smith

Color Me

If I am too quiet
and the shuffle of my footsteps
is a whisper on the floor
won't you
color me green
in big broad strokes wide as pastures
tinged with peapod frosting
the kind that makes me feel
alive and

If I get too
trite and wax superficial
wrapping myself up in plastic tarp
would you
color me violet
in varying shades of paisley patterns
and black hole curlicues
so I can't help but be
profound and

When I feel so
lonesome that I question my worth
and my want or need to go on
will you
color me crimson
use the whole bucket of red though warm blood
were rinsing my skin clean
wash away and erase
colors of

June, 2001

David B. Smith's Questions:

1. Do first few lines establish appropriate tone?

2. Any problem with scansion of rhythm in poem?

3. Do the line breaks seem right? Enjambements?

4. Do last few lines seem right for ending of poem?

Thank you

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